RunRivieraRun HalfMarathon

Varigotti (Finale Ligure) – Loano (Marina di Loano), 21 km. e 97 metri

Sunday 29th October 2017 at 9.30 the 6th edition of the RunRivierarun International HalfMarathon will start off with departure from Finale Ligure (Varigotti-Loc.Malpasso) and arrival in Loano (Marina of Loano), national competition.

Highly striven for by the Province of Savona in collaboration with the City Halls of Finale Ligure, Borgio Verezzi, Pietra Ligure and Loano created and organized by ASD RunRivieraRun.

A unique event in a wonderful and suggestive panorama that will evolve through a half marathon of 21,097 km departing from Finale ligure, touching all the villages of the Riviera
(Varigotti,Finalmarina,Finalpia and Finalborgo) crossing through Borgio Verezzi, Pietra Ligure between seafront and historical centre then ending in Loano, but not before crossing the heart of the town, concluding in the beautiful setting of the new tourist port at the Marina of Loano.

RunRivieraRun HalfMarathon is at it’s sixth edition and has been classified as ‘’International’’ since 2015. Created not only as an event in which sport and science bond together , sport with nutrition, sport with wellness, sport with health, sport just as physical activity that helps us to live.

And RunRivieraRun is not only a race….it is a 2 day Expo (27th and 28th October) in the’’Complesso Monumentale of Santa Caterina’’ in Finalborgo with conventions, book launches, food tests and athletic preparation, exposition of running material, osteopathic massages, Reiki operators and famous guests, aside with distribution of racing kits and bibs.

Theme of the 2017 edition: Socialization and Wellness.

The World of running brings people together regardless of social status, skin colour, religion or physical condition.

‘’All at the finishing line, all winners’’ is the slogan of the RunRivieraRun because when our runners cut the finishing line they are our winners , our protagonists.
The record of the race belongs to Ezekiel Kiprotich Meli (KEN) 1:02:52 and Ruth Chebitok:1:13:55

RunRivieraRun the Queen……….racing towards the future

RunRivieraRun HalfMarathon, alla sua sesta edizione e classificata “internazionale”, nasce per diventare un evento, non solo sportivo, nel quale lo sport e la scienza si uniscono, sport come alimentazione, sport come benessere, sport come salute, sport come attività motoria che aiuta a vivere.