RunRivieraRun HalfMarathon

Varigotti (Finale Ligure) – Loano (Marina di Loano), 21 km. e 97 metri

Rules of the Race

‘’RunRivieraRun international HalfMarathon’’ – Half International Marathon
The Amateur Sports Association RunRivieraRun under the aegis of the FIDAL in collaboration with Liguria Region , Province of Savona, together with the City Halls of Finale Ligure , Borgio Verezzi, Pietra ligure, and Loano organize the 6th edition of the RunRivieraRun International HalfMarathon, distance of 21,097 km. National classification to be held Sunday 29th october 2017 departing from Varigotti (Finale Ligure), precisely at Malpasso area at 9.30 and arriving in Loano (SV) at Marina of Loano.

At the same time but with delayed start, a non -competetive half marathonfor all athletes who do not possess FIDAL membership card or Runcard with will be run. No timing or ranking .
Medical certificate of agility/competetive fitness for athletics is mandatory.

Participation requirements.

According to the ‘’Rules for the organization of events’ ’emanated by the FIDAL, all the
registered members in Italy over the age of 18 and with the following requisites can participate.

  • Athletes registered for 2017 with FIDAL affiliated associations
  • Athletes who possess the Runcard ( valida as insurance and competition permit) limited to athletes over 20 years of age. The participation is subject to:
  1. 1.a) either a currently valid medical fitness certificate for athletics in original
    copy which must be shown to the organizers thus a copy is to be submitted to
    the organization. The medical certificate for non-resident foreigners can be
    released in their own country although they must undergo the same tests
    provided for by Italian regulations -:
    a) Medical examination
    b) Urinalysis
    c) Electrocardiogram at rest and after effort
    d) Spirometry
    2. b) or verification on belhalf of the organizers of a currently valid medical
    fitness.certificate for athletics through the Runcard database.

    3. c) or verification on behalf of the organizers of a currently valid medical fitness
    certificate for athletics through an app downloadable on any electronic device.

Participation requirements for athletes not registered in Italy.

  • Italian and foreign athletes not reistered in Itay over 18 years of age can participate with the
    following requirements:
    Athletes registered to clubs affiliated with foreign federations of athletics approved by
    the Iaaf.
    Alternatively upon registration subit-:
  •  Self-certification of membership recognized by by Iaaf.
    The self-certification will be signed in original copy at the moment the athletes collects
    the race bib.
  • Athletes who possess Runcard (valida as sport Insurance and competition permit) and
    limited to runners over 20 years of age: the participation is subject to the following in
    addition to possessing ‘’RUNCARD’’:

1.a) either a currently valid medical fitness certificate for athletics in original copy which must be shown to the organizers thus a copy is to be submitted to
the organization. The medical certificate for non-resident foreigners can be released in their own country although they must undergo the same tests
provided for by Italian regulations -:
e) Medical examination
f) Urinalysis
g) Electrocardiogram at rest and after effort
h) Spirometry
2.b) or verification on belhalf of the organizers of a currently valid medical fitness .
certificate for athletics through the Runcard database.
3 c) or verification on behalf of the organizers of a currently valid medical fitness

certificate for athletics through an app download on any electronic device.


Cash prizes for Italian and foreign athletes affiliated FIDAL.  Jackpot € 2100 (excluded bonuses) for the 1st. 10 men and 1st. 10 women.

The cash prizes will not be paid on the racing day but will be settled by bank  transfer by 1st. march 2018

The only prizes paid at the end of the race will be the bonuses according to the chronometric final time.

€ 200  for  male athletes  racing time under             01:01:00

€ 200  for female athletes racing time under            01:10:00

Prizes for first 3 female and the first 3 male athletes of the category Juniores/Promesse, SM,SM35,SF40 and following  up to S70 and over and Juniores/Promesse SF,SF35,SF40 and following up to SF70 and over.

No cash prize ( or similar such as vouchers, work engagements, expense refunds or other)

is intended for  holders of ‘Runcard’ and ‘Runcard EPS’.



The total jackpot for the event is €2100 ( bonuses excluded)


Registration procedure

Application can be made online at  .  Please attach medical fitness certificate  for athletics currently valid for the racing day to the following email address -: runrivierarun@

In case you don’t have a user profile you must create one before proceding with registration.

Once registered you can choose to pay by credit card or bank transfer.  In case you choose bank transfer you will be sent a mail  with all the details for payment (IBAN, amount,causal) Thus forward all to fax + 39 0415088343.

Deadline for application is by 24.00 Thursday 26th october.  Only for members FIDAL and Runcard application can be made during  the EXPO on the 27th & 28th October at the ‘’Complesso Monumentale of Santa Caterina’’ in Finalborgo no later than 2.00 pm 28th October .

The application is subject to payment of application fee.  The competitor who does not participate will not have his fee refunded.

Applications can also be made directly at the Office of the RunRivieraRun in Via G.B.Montaldo 22 Pietra ligure (SV)   Phone-: 019 6898607


Registration Fee-: Price blocked from 2016

Registration completed between  01/04 to  31/08    –  € 20,00  + commission charges

Registration completed between  01/09 to  22/10    – €  25,00  + commission charges

Registration completed between  23/10 to  28/10     – € 30,00   + commission charges



  • Offer Heroes RunRivieraRun (runner finisher of all 5 past editions): free registration

on bringing 1 new member that never particiated in the past editions.

Register directly at

  • Offer J love RRR runner/finisher of at least other 4 editions): free registration if registering together (with same or same payment) of 2 new subscribers (never participated ina any RRR events).

Also in this case , with the offer J love RRR the application must be submitted to and payment made to bank account ASD RunRivieraRun,

c/o banca prossima agency Milan.

IBAN IT20TO335901600100000131639

Cash or check payments can be paid directly at ASD RunRivieraRun  at the office in Via G.B Montaldo 22 Pietra ligure  (SV)


Application Form Download

Athletes registered with other Federations (e.g- FITRI)  are not considered memebers so must follw FIDAL regulations (membership with affiliate FIDAL,RUNCARD membership).


All subscribers will receive an e-mail to confirm registration in the database abovementioned.


Registration Fee includes -:


  1. Racing pack, including technical gadget and products offerd by the sponsor.
  2. Racing bib with chip incorporated  (chip TDS) electronic timing detection.
  3. RTC Insurance
  4. Free ExpoHalfMarathon activities
  5. Medals  (to be collected at the finish line) for classified athlethes.
  6. Diploma of participation to be downloaded  at

In order to receive sms with race timing provide your mobile number

upon registration.

  1. Refreshments on arrival (water and dried fruit)
  2. Excellent local food products available at arrival area. (Marina of Loano)
  3. Technical Assistance (refreshments and sponging during the route)
  4. Medical assistance guaranteed in areas located along the entire route, First Aid and emergency service at arrival zone.
  5. Electronic timing service
  6. Pacemaker service
  7. Baggage deposit (in protected area aboard  our vehicles)- pickup at Varigotti/

delivery in Loano.

  1. Bathrooms and locker rooms at the starting point (Varigotti-Malpasso area)
  2. Showers,bathrooms amd locker rooms for men and women locate at the arrival area (Marina di Loano)
  3. Massage by equipe of osteopaths and physiotherapists available on arrival.
  4. Return shuttle service to Varigotti for athletes – Fare is by free offer , starting from €1 in favour of Progetto Charity 2017. (Project Charity 2017).


The shuttle service is reserved esclusively for athletes with racing bib.  Only the athletes that request the shuttle service upon registration have accesso to it.

We remind you that the bus can make intermediate stops upon request during the journey but only on the Via Aurelia.  Once the shuttle has dropped off the athletes at the parking lot in Malpasso  (unguarded parking lot , the organization declines responsability for theft and damages incurred to vehicles or persons) the buses can only turn back towards Noli.


Racing pack and bib delivery


Participants must collect their bib and racing pack personally from the ExpoHalfmarathon on Friday the 27th October from 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm and Saturday 28th October from the ‘’Chiostri del Complesso Monumentale of Santa Caterina’’ in Finalborgo and from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm at the starting area in Varigotti (Malpasso area) from 7.00 am to 8.30 pm on Sunday 29th October.


In order to collect the racing bib you need to show a valid identity card , athletes registered with RUNCARD must also show a copy of medical certificate.


It is possible to delegate another person to collect an athlete’s racing bib and pack through a proxy signed by the holder with enclosed a copy of ID and medical certificate.


Information RunRivieraRun International HalfMarathon


The start will take place in Malpasso area in Varigotti (Finale Ligure) at 9.30 am Sunday 29th October 2017.


The arrival is situated in Loano at the Marina of Loano.


The time limit shall be set in 2 hours and 30 minutes for traffic reasons, notwithstanding all finishers will be included in official ranking.


All finishers, including the ones over the maximum time limit will receive

Ufficial RunRivieraRun  international HalfMarathon  medal immediately after the race in the arrival area.


The set route has been measured and certified by the ufficial  FIDAL ‘’Misuratori di Percorso’’  (Path measurers).


The timing will be measured through microchip , given together with the racing bib, which allows real time registration ‘’Real Time’’ when passing the start line and crossing the finishing line.  The chips must be handed in on arrival when collecting the medal for the event .In case the chips are not handed in upon arrival (also for those who have collected the racing bib but for some reason cannot participate in the RunRivieraRun International HalfMarathon and/or in case of collecting, subject to documentation drafted by the organization  and signed by the athlete (upon collecting the bib) , the athlete must refund € 20.00 per microchip to the organization.


The bib must be placed on the chest and visible and must not be reduced  (Regulation 143.8) on arrival does not need to be returned to the organization.

The automatic timing by chip will be done through TDS (timing data service)


The complete ranking will be available from Sunday 29th October on at the end of the race and from Monday 30th October on

Refreshments for registered athletes with race bib will be available every 5 km, and sponging will be available from 7.5 km onwards  every 5 km as by FIDAL regulation. Unidentifiable athletes cannot use this service.


A photographic service is available during the RunRivieraRun  by Pieffe Loano


The Organization has Insurance for accidents that may occur to runners, third party and objects, before, during and after the event.


Squalification may occur for the following -:It is not permitted :


  • Under the rule 144.3  (a) of the RTI


  • unauthorized persons to run during the race


  • Under the rule 240.8 (h)


  • receive or refill water from other places not specified by the organizers.


For roadsafety reasons , it is  highly recommended for athletes not to

use radios,transmitters,mobile phones, or similar (walkman or Ipod).


Hotel Bookings


Partner Hotels  can be booked on


Common Welfare project named ‘’RunRivieraRun’’ Together’’


The Organization, the four City Halls of the RunRivieraRun (Finale Ligure, Borgio Verezzi, Pietra Ligure and Loano) and partners, for the RunRivieraRun International HalfMarathon of the 29th October 2017 and for the five races ‘’Tune-Up’’ of the Run RivieraRun that will be held during the months of February,May,June,July and August will collect funds for’’ Progetto Charity’’(Charity Project) .  Money offers will be collected starting from the shuttle bus service at the end of the race. (free offer from €1)


Image rights


The athletes registrated for the RunRivieraRun  authorize the free use of their pictures, of their personal data together with still or moving shots to be published or divulged to newspapers and/or television for promotional reasons now and in the future, related to RunRivieraRun International halfMarathon and  sport  and promotional events.


Safeguard Clause


The athletes and the companies affiliated declare to accept the regulations upon registering  to RunRivieraRun International Halfmarathon ,published on the website


For all not covered in the internal regulation , the standards applied are the ‘’Norme per l’Organizazione delle manifestazioni 2017’’ (Rules for organization of events 2017) and the ‘’Regolamento Tecnico Internazionale’’. (Global technical regulation)


The athletes who do not transit through detection points located along the RunRivieraRun International HalfMarathon will be disqualified.


Race Cancellation


In case of race cancellation, postponed to other date and /or however non held, including for causes not wilfully depending on the Organization, including revocation of the authorization on behalf of the competent public bodies, the runner cannot claim anything from ASD RunRivieraRun, nor  claim expense refund as in the application accepts without exception whatever is written or decribed in the current regulation of the competition , through renunciation of any claim  for damages and /or reimbursement or any other claim for any damages sustained.




The Organization reserves the right to modify the regulations at any moment, for the purpose of improving the race organization.  Possible modifications regarding services, time and location will be notified to athletes by e-mail or will be provided on the website